About Us

Welcome to ShopLexxa, the hip, trendy online store for the fashion forward woman. On this one of a kind website, you will find an exclusive line of female apparel available in a full range of sizes, and in as many combinations as are possible, because we not only believe that fashion is for everybody, but also operate with the consciousness that we all have our own unique needs and style choices. Carrying an extensive selection of styles from hundreds of independent designers, we remain committed to inspiring personal style and helping you feel like you are the very best version of yourself.

We believe that you are worth more than a million bucks, and we want your style to reflect this important fact about you, without you having to break the bank. Our fashion pieces are trendy, beautiful yet affordably priced, so that you have the opportunity to look your very best and put your best foot forward without putting untold strain on your finances.

Operating out of Cyprus but serving many international destinations, ShopLexxa is fresh, vibrant and relevant, offering a wide collection of outfits including tops, and dresses such as office dresses, cocktail dresses, evening dresses, and the very best of sexy dresses.

We always work with our customer in mind, and everything we create is informed by our customer choices, as well as global influences such as social media and popular culture. We are however always careful not to lose our vision of dressing the beautiful, ageless, timeless woman.

Our mission is to empower females globally to be confident in themselves and be who they want to be, and we are succeeding, one woman at a time.

Welcome aboard.